The science behind what we do. The technologies used to implement business solutions.

Technologies and especially Enterprise Architecture technologies revolves around resolving complex analysis of business structure and processes. Enterprise Architecture attempts to address the goals of the enterprise: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility, Durability, Security, etc… In order to do this Enterprise Architects construct technology models that are split into views:

Conceptual – The conceptual view addresses the ‘what’. This means ‘what’ technology capabilities are required to provide the appropriate infrastructure for the enterprise.

Logical – The logical view addresses the ‘how’. This is the next level of abstraction of ‘how’ it will be achieved. Detailing the types of technologies that are used to realise the needed capabilities.

Physical – The physical view details the implementation of the technology in the enterprise. This is the lowest level of abstraction, it describes the specific technology products and physicall deployment.The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.