Disruptions in IT have increased in frequency and are expected to continue growing.  Digital marketing, social product reviews, and e-commerce all impact the strategy and direction of businesses.  Today’s retailers must maintain a lean technology portfolio that reduces operating costs while positioning the enterprise for growth and consistently enable the delivery of high quality of service.

Retailers must take a fresh look at their digital strategies as consumer behavior shifts and technology plays an ever-increasing role.  Discover consumer buying patterns, build consumer trust and strengthen shopper loyalty.  We are helping retailers bring disparate platforms, applications and architectures under one technology umbrella, drive profitable growth and give you competitive advantage.

 Solution Scenarios:

  • Customer Order Handling
  • Campaign Management
  • Multi-Channel Order Fulfillment
  • Automatic Provisioning
  • Merchandise Calendar Planning
  • Promotions, Planning & Execution
  • Demand Driven Inventory Locator
  • Vendor On-Boarding & Contracts Mgt
  • Vendor Management