Healthcare organizations continue to demand more from IT in order to improve the quality of care while reducing cost and inefficiency.   Assist healthcare organizations to connect and service their needs in terms of electronic medical records, risk reduction, and approaches for optimization is critical for success.

The future of healthcare for clinicians and patients is changing.  Technologies like business analytics is helping healthcare organizations reduce costs, increase care quality, meet patient expectations, and improve the overall healthcare experience.  Electronic medical records, mobile computing and health support networks can be used to make healthcare smarter.  We help healthcare organizations manage security and compliance, enable strategic planning for change and transformation, optimize product portfolios, and achieve greater efficiencies within overall operations.

Solution Scenarios:

      Healthcare Plan/Payer

  • Provider & Member Relations
  • Core System Modernization
  • Healthcare Claim Adjudication

      Healthcare Provider

  • eHealth & Collaborative Care
  • Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance
  • Benefit Eligibility Determination