IT Operations

 IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently by maintaining performance, up-time and a high-quality deep domain expertise that keeps the IT engine humming. IT Operations monitor and control the IT services and infrastructure and execute day-to-day routine tasks related to the operation of components and applications. We help to ensure the up time, performance, resources, and security of the computers being managed meet the needs of the business without exceeding the budget. IT Operations may acquire, install, or upgrade components and software, provide routine automation, maintain security policies, troubleshoot problems, train staff, and provide technical support to projects.


Apex IT operational services handle such tasks as:

  • Database administration: Responsible for the integrity of the data and the efficiency and performance of the system.
  • Network administration: Maintain network infrastructure such as switches and routers, and diagnose problems with the behavior of network-attached computers.
  • Security administration: Provide administration of security devices such as firewalls, as well as consulting on general security measures.
  • Server administration: Provide support to web servers and services (such as Apache, IIS) or mail servers that allow for internal or external access to web sites. Tasks may include managing multiple sites, administering security, and configuring necessary components and software. Responsibilities may also include software change management.
  • Computer operations: Perform routine maintenance and upkeep, such as backups or replacing failed drives.  Manage and provision storage whether local to the system or from a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS).


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